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July 21, 2014 

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Lady- Traditional black and white female, rough coated.

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Located in Gulfport, Mississippi

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Imported Liz- Daughter of Derek's Ben out of Mossy
View a video of Imported Liz ( daughter of Derek's Ben out of Mossy)
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We are a small farm located in the beautiful countryside of South Mississippi. The daily operations are managed mostly by Tiffany Murphy and her family. Tiffany is a member of the United States Border Collie Handlers’ Association, and she is a life member of the American Border Collie Association in good standing, and she has been involved with Border Collies for over ten years. Border Collies bred by her have excelled as working dogs to active cherished family members, and they have been placed in homes throughout the United States and abroad. 

Abundant talented working dogs from across the United States and Great Britain are featured in the bloodlines of our Border Collies. One does not have to look generations back when viewing our dogs’ pedigrees to locate exceptional dogs, as most of our dogs are the son or daughter of a distinguished working dog. The Border Collies’ working ability is the characteristic we prize most of all; after all working livestock is the sole reason for the Border Collie’s existence. 

Our small number of impressive breeding dogs reflects our goal of producing outstanding dogs. When considering Border Collies for breeding purposes, we evaluate the dogs’ working ability, health, temperament, and the overall working ability and health of their ancestors. Since the health of our Border Collies and the puppies we produce is extremely important to us, we only select dogs from sound working bloodlines, and we perform DNA testing to ensure our puppies are free of Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA). We are pleased that all of our sires are CEA DNA normal. (Genetic results of CEA DNA normal means that our sires are genetically incapable of producing any puppies affected with the disease.)

All of our Border Collies are registered with the American Border Collie Association and our imported Border Collies are dual registered with the International Sheep Dog Association and the ABCA. Generations of selective breeding has resulted in an incredibly intelligent and athletic dog that is able to work all day long, often in rough terrain and weather conditions. As a result, potential owners should ensure that they are truly prepared for a Border Collie.

Hours are devoted to our Border Collie puppies to ensure they are given the very best start in life. Our Border Collie puppies are born inside our home, provided with proper veterinary care, and they are raised around our children and family. We do not have Border Collies available often, but when we do, the available Border Collies are the result of great planning and dedication on our part. Since we take pride in our Border Collies, all Border Collies sold by us will go to their new homes healthy and with an impressive health guarantee. 

Simply put, our Border Collies are bred to improve the breed and for our own enjoyment. We are passionate about the Border Collie breed, and we hope you will be too. Please enjoy viewing our website, and we thank you for your interest in our Border Collies.



Looking for a black and white border collie puppy? Located in Gulfport, Mississippi. "For those who live in Florida, FL, Georgia, GAAlabama, AL, Texas, TX, LA, or TN you may want to contact us about the availability of a puppy and visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.